Opening to the Next Level on Your Spiritual Path

A Six-Day, Five-Night Retreat on the Beautiful Island of Kauai

October 11 - 16, 2024

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Meet your Hosts

Jeanne Marie Russell

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Creator of Dolphin Energetics™, and Owner of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center 
Kauai, Hawaii

Jeanne has her Master's Degree in Statistics from New York University where she did her Master's Thesis on "The Nursing Behavior of Beluga Whales" which was later published in Zoo Biology. Later, she became certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP), Certified Yoga Nidra practitioner, Qi Gong Training with Master Hong Lui, Level 1 Hawaiian Energy Master and more! Of all these trainings, Jeanne feels that the dolphins are her greatest teachers and she is especially connected to their love, their joy and their playful spirit!

Matthew Bueno

Native American Decent, Yaqui, Lakota,and Karuk Tribes.

For the past 34 years Matthew has studied with his guides and spirit teachers to master techniques such as Energy Clearing, Curse Clearings, Home clearings, Entity Clearing on people, Spiritual work to help people in any Caliber of Awareness to achieve their own highest Goals and rediscover their own potent potential.

Why YOU should Attend?

Connect with nature. Let go of your current surroundings and dive into the energy of Kaua'i. Allow Mama Kaua'i to welcome you into her arms and be nurtured by her love.

Feel the beauty and peace that nature brings. Close your eyes and walk into a wonderland of calm blue/green waters.

You become one with the divine essence of all that is. Let Jeanne help you expand your consciousness beyond your physical body. You are not your mind, you are not your body, you are divine essence having a human experience. Let's go back to remembering who we are, why we came here, and what it is we are meant to do. Let us take you on a journey to help you expand your aura outward to everything around you. No longer will you feel the limits of your physical body but now you will be able to connect with the divine that is all around you!

Experience Dolphin Energetics™ while here in Hawaii.

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What's Included?

  • Accommodations at a beautiful facility with a swimming pool.
  • Two organic and healthy meals every day.
  • Transportation around during the retreat. (Please note: You will be responsible for transportation to the retreat center and leaving the retreat center.)
  • All activities included - meditations, activations, sweat lodge experiences, group sessions, excursions, etc.

What YOU will learn?

How to CLEAR your ENERGY Quickly and Easily

Coming into ALIGNMENT

No matter what type of work you do, it is likely you are exposed to many people and many different vibrations on a daily—not just in person, but online, on the phone, and on social media.

Unhook from energy vampires, release the energy of people that invade your space, Release energy congestion caused by other people’s emotions and projections, Clear any energy that no longer serves  

The more you do these techniques, not only will you be able to clear your own energy quickly and easily, but you will also be able to shield yourself from unwanted energies

Payment Options

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$3,333 One Time Payment or 3 payments of $1,111

Availability is based on a first come first serve basis.

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Join us to help raise the

consciousness of the planet!

This event may be exactly what you need to get out of that rut,

step into the light, and find your reason for being here!

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